MoneyGuru has closed.

Please note that with immediate effect, Hyphen Group has withdrawn from the Thai market under the ‘MoneyGuru’ brand.

Campaign Gifts (Rewards) and incentives for all valid customer applications made up to 31 October 2022 will still be honored.

If you have questions or need support, please reach out to customers@moneyguru.co.th.


Effective 31st October 2022, Hyphen Group will be withdrawing from the Thai market under the ‘MoneyGuru’ brand. All activities linked to the brand www.moneyguru.co.th will cease.

The current economic climate is challenging, necessitating that we (Hyphen Group) reprioritise our group-wide strategy and use of capital. This will enable us to become more resilient and focus on key growth opportunities where we can best serve our customers and providers across South East Asia.

All employees of the MoneyGuru brand are affected, with the office being closed with immediate effect. A small team will remain to assist with customer service, provider enquiries and administrative matters.

Customers who have applied to receive campaign gifts (rewards) and incentives via online applications up to 31 October 2022 (inclusive) will still be honored. Customers can direct any questions or concerns to customers@moneyguru.co.th.

Earlier in October, Hyphen Group announced the first close of a new investment. The new investment combined with the strength of our people will allow us to focus our resources on the remaining key markets while exploring other opportunities as appropriate across the region.

For customer service enquiries, please contact customers@moneyguru.co.th.

For media inquiries, please contact press@hyphengroup.io.