Frequently Asked Questions About Car Insurance

This page answers some frequently asked questions about Car Insurance in Thailand.

General Information

Why do I need car insurance?

Aside from the mandatory car insurance issued by the government, it’s best to have car insurance that will protect your car from various risks, including accidents, repair costs, and even life insurance for the driver, his passengers, as well as any third parties involved. Some car insurance policies also protect your car from theft, flooding, and other natural disasters. Protection comes in the form of compensation, leaving you prepared for any emergency.

Where can I get car insurance in Thailand?

You can buy the Compulsory Motor Insurance (CMI) from the Department of Land Transport Office. For more comprehensive coverage, you can apply for a policy with several car insurance companies and even car dealerships in the country.

Insurance Pricing

How much would car insurance cost me?

The premium you pay depends upon various factors, including the make and model of your car, how comprehensive the insurance coverage you’re getting, your age, and a lot more. Offers also vary according to provider.

This is why we recommend that you shop around. Get the best value for your money by comparing various policies. You can get quotes and compare car insurance plans with the help of comparison tool.

Why are car insurance premiums more expensive for younger drivers?

Younger drivers usually pay higher premiums on their auto insurance because they tend to be more inexperienced. This means their risk of getting the car into an accident is greater. Thus, the premium of the insurance is also greater.

Why are some cars more costly to insure than others?

Not all cars are made the same. Some cars were built to be driven on city roads only, and some cars were built to be driven on any sort of terrain. There are also some cars built specifically for a certain utility that some cars aren’t. The age of the car also factors into how much the car insurance premium is: newer cars are less likely to break down as compared to older cars and models.

Insurance Coverage

What are the types of Car Insurance available to me?

In Thailand, there four basic types of Car Insurance: Compulsory, First Class, Second Class, and Third Class.

CMI (Por Ror Bor) is a government-issued insurance mandatory to all car owners. This covers life or injury of the driver, passengers, as well as third parties, but is not comprehensive, as it doesn’t include property damage.

Type 1 Insuranceis a comprehensive car insurance that covers the vehicle, life and accident insurance of the driver, passengers, and third parties, including third party damage and liability.

Type 2 Insurance has third party liability with fire and theft. This covers life and injury of the driver, passengers, as well as third party property damage and liabilities. It also offers up to a THB 200,000 bail bond coverage, as well as coverage for fire damage, and vehicle theft.

Type 3 Insurance only has third party liability, including the THB 200,000 bail bond. It doesn’t cover fire damage or theft.

Some insurance providers offer a combination of these basic types of insurance coverage.

What is comprehensive insurance?

A comprehensive insurance is an insurance policy that gives you as much coverage as possible. This includes insurance on the vehicle against accidents and third party damage and liabilities, against theft, against damage incurred by natural disasters, as well as life and accident insurance for the driver, the passengers, and any third parties involved.

How do insurers decide that my car has been totaled?

An insurance inspector from your insurance company will survey the damage to the car and will decide if the car is totalled or not. A “totaled car” is a car that’s beyond repair, or a car that requires repairs that cost as much as the car when it was first bought.

Filing a Car Insurance Claim

How do I make a claim?

To make an insurance claim, call your insurance provider immediately. You’ll need all your insurance documents ready, including your car insurance policy, certificate of registration of the covered vehicle, your driver’s license, the driver’s license of the third party involved, pictures of the damage to all vehicles, an estimated amount for repairs, and so on. If your car was stolen, you’d also need to submit a police report and an affidavit of car theft.

What is an excess or deductible?

An excess or deductible is any amount not covered by the insurance company, to be paid by the insured. For example, your policy’s excess is THB 1,000 and you need to pay THB 4,000 on repairs for your car. In this case, the insurance company will pay THB 3,000 and you pay the THB 1,000 excess. Insurance policies that have 0 excess will have a higher premium.

What is a No Claims Bonus?

Also referred to as a No Claims Discount, a No Claims Bonus is a discount offered by insurers to policyholders who don’t make an insurance claim within an annual period. The discount is usually applied for five years, even up to six years or more.

Using Comparison Tool

Why should I buy car insurance online with is an online comparison website that focuses on providing fair, transparent, and convenient service to customers. Our website helps you compare more than 500 car insurance packages from more than 20 insurers in Thailand. Each of these providers are given an equal chance to show its products.

With free and unbiased information, our customers will be better able to make an informed choice. We add more products and update our database regularly. You’re sure to find an insurance plan to suit your needs and your budget.

How is different from the traditional way of buying an insurance?

We help you save time and money. You no longer have to go through any trouble looking for information on various insurers. We have them all on our website. More importantly, we help you save money because our service is free of charge!

How do I get a quote?

Go to Car Insurance comparison tool and you’ll be asked to supply the following details: the year, model, make, and trim of your car to start. Afterwards, you need to indicate your province of registration, the registered category of your car, if your car is for private or public use, as well as the age of the driver. When you’ve filled in all the information, just click the “Your Quotes” button to start comparing car insurance offers in Thailand. You can then select the insurance plan for you.

    After clicking “Buy Now,” what next?

  • You’ll be directed to the application form page for your chosen insurer.
  • Fill out the application form and submit. An insurance advisor will call you back shortly to guide you through the application process.
  • Prepare necessary documents i.e. car registration paper, an old policy for the previous year, credit cards if you want to pay by credit card, and an address to send your policy.
  • If you have further questions regarding our products and services, please prepare them so that when our advisors call you back, they can address your concerns immediately.

How do I pay my insurance premium?

At, we have partnered with Smart Network Broker Company Limited (SNB) to ensure that you are get accurate and compliant information at all times. SNB is licensed as a non-life insurance broker under the Office of Insurance Commission licensed number ว00002/2537.

Premium payments can be made via several convenient options:

Method 1 - Via wireless transfer from a local bank account

Account Number
Telephone Number
Kasikorn Bank
02 476 0971-2
Bangkok Bank
02 466 3316
Siam Commercial Bank
Krungsri Bank
02 437 4725
Krungthai Bank
02 438 0023-4

Method 2 – By Credit

When making payments by credit card, customers are able to breakdown payments in to small, monthly installments. Please send us the following documents:

  1. Signed copy of the Credit Card or Debit Visa/MasterCard used in the purchase
  2. Signed copy of national ID or passport matching that of the holder of the credit card
  3. Completed and signed consent form by cardholder.

Method 3 – By Check

Make checks payable to

Smart Network Broker Co., Ltd.
c/o Co., Ltd.
P.O. Box 1394
Nana Post Office
Bangkok 10112 Thailand

*Please Do Not Mail Cash

How long do I have to wait to receive my policy?

The amount of time you have to wait would depend on how long your chosen insurer processes your application. After your application has been finalised, we’ll send you your policy by post.

Is there any call centre available for after-sale service?

Yes. You can contact us for more information at +662-653-0020-1. However, in case of filing a claim or notifying an accident, please contact your insurer directly.

Are there hidden fees and charges?

None. is completely free to use. Our online comparison service for car insurance and financial products doesn’t charge anything to the customers.

Can I trust

Absolutely! is registered with the Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce under the registration number 0105556180937. We can operate fully and legally as a business entity in Thailand.

Moreover, is part of Compare Asia Group, which operates a continuously expanding network of financial comparison platforms across Asia. The management team is composed of people who co-founded successful online brands and companies across the globe.